My grandfather has been writing and taking photos
in Karlovy Vary Region during the Occupation in 1968. He confided these materials to me in 2016. I decided
to do a publication, that will combine his texts and photographs taken during therse hard times. It didn't end by completing the publication. I got an oppurtunity
to do an exhibition, where I show people the process
of working on the publication – Proč? Proč? Proč!
(Why? Why? Why!)

Vernissage of the exhibiton Minulost v současnosti
(Past in the Present) and the book launch took place
in the  Gallery SUPERMARKET WC in Karlovy Vary.

Part of the exhibiton are also workhsop for students, wich come with their teacher, learn something about the year 1968, create teplates or write messages directly on the wall.

The wall from the year 1968 is covered by the wall made in 2018!


concept, organisation and realisation of the exhibiton – 2018

thank you Gallery SUPERMARKET WC, PROTEBE live and everyone who helped

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